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Tonight we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome a new year of adventure, excitement, challenges, happiness and growth.  Before the ball drops, we wanted to take a few moments to thank all those that helped make this year our best yet.

To our amazing Board of Directors –   Your commitment and dedication to our mission is undeniable and we are truly blessed to have each and every one of you helping bring us to greatness.  The countless hours and voluntary time is more than exceptional and you are all awesome!

To our outstanding Medical Advisory Board – Your willingness to offer support to patients, families and individuals looking for answers is greatly appreciated.  Having each and every one of you on our advisory board will only continue to validate the knowledge and backing we have among us.

To our Patient Advocate Committee – There are no words to describe my appreciation for what you have developed and are continuing to grow across the globe.  Your passion and commitment is genuine and we are so lucky to have you in our corner.  Your empathy for survivors and families warms the heart and we thank you for helping us reach those looking for support, guidance and a friend to help them in their road of recovery.

To our Facebook Admins – What you have done with our Aneurysm/AVM Facebook Support Page and our Parents of Brain Aneurysm/AVM Children’s Support Page is magnificent.  It is so exciting to watch the daily growth of our groups and see the bonds forming among all those who have finally found a group they can call “home.”

To our Support Group Leaders – Thank you for your commitment to lead our monthly support group chapter meetings.  Your continued passion to help others and bring people together who need support is vital to our growth and outreach.

To our Fans – You have exceeded our expectations of growth and we thank you for continuing to follow us, share our comments with others and support what we are doing.

To our Survivors – You are the reason we are here!  We fight each day to make a difference and offer the support that is critical to your recovery.  Your perserverance is infectious and we applaud you for your courage, strength and dedication.

To our Partners – Thank you for having faith in our mission.  The relationships we have formed through the years are critical and we are so grateful for your collaborative efforts in helping us reach the masses.

To our Supporters – Without you, none of this is possible.  Thank you for your continued support and for recognizing the importance of brain aneurysm research and awareness.  Your commitment to our cause allows us to reach more people, fund more research, provide daily support and truly make a difference.

To everyone – THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE JOE NIEKRO FOUNDATION WHAT IT HAS BECOME!  2014 is going to be one amazing year, so look out and get ready!

We wish all of you a very safe and Happy New Year and a blessed 2014.

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