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The pursuit of advancements in the treatment and understanding of brain aneurysms, AVMs, and hemorrhagic strokes is at the heart of our mission. Through our research grants, we aim to empower scientists and medical professionals in their quest for innovative solutions and breakthroughs. Recognizing the complexity of these conditions, our funding supports a range of studies focused on improving outcomes, enhancing recovery processes, and ultimately saving lives.

Dive into our grants page to learn about the cutting-edge research we’re supporting and how it’s contributing to the future of neurological health care.

The Joe Niekro Foundation™ accepts Letters of Intent during the grant application period of September 1-October 1. Texas applicants will receive priority. Applications will not be accepted without an approved LOI. Please click on the links below for more information on how to apply.

Letter of Intent

Grant Application

Grant Recipients

Joe Niekro/SNIS Research Grant

Joe Niekro Crystal Bat Award

Joe Niekro Patient Choice Award

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