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Help us fund critical research aimed at improving the way aneurysms and AVMs are diagnosed and treated, to create better outcomes for patients.

The Vessel: Our Monthly Giving Community

“The Vessel” is more than a giving program; it’s a commitment to change lives. By joining, you contribute to a collective effort that spans support, education, and breakthrough research aimed at bettering the lives of those affected by aneurysms, AVMs, and strokes.
Here’s how your donation makes a difference:

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The Vessel is a community committed to improving the lives of aneurysm, AVM, and stroke patients and families by providing the support, community, education, and resources needed to thrive while funding critical medical research.

The Joe Niekro Foundation Community

Dive into a joyful showcase of the wonderful difference we make together. From the bright smiles of those we help to the enthusiastic faces of our volunteers, every picture here tells a story of kindness, unity, and the beautiful impact of giving. It's all about the happy moments created and lives uplifted, thanks to your support.

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