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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with or are recovering from a brain aneurysmAVM, or hemorrhagic stroke? Knowing the facts on the best and appropriate types of treatment can be instrumental in getting the right help, the right treatment, and the fastest and best recovery possible. Since each person’s case is unique in nature, and treatment options vary depending on each case, we recommend that you refer to the physician responsible for treating your condition(s) for the treatment options best suitable for your particular situation. However, knowing and understanding each type of treatment, especially if one has already been performed or recommended, can help you understand what the procedure entails and what to expect during the recovery process.

Please refer to the following pages for more details:

Brain Aneurysms

Unruptured Aneurysm
Ruptured Aneurysm

Types of Treatment

Occlusion and Bypass
Endovascular Embolization / Coiling
Flow Diversion

Other Things to Consider

Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Should I Get a Second Opinion
Treating Physicians

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