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Each year, The Joe Niekro Foundation partners with the SNIS Foundation to fund research projects targeting aneurysm, AVM or stroke research.

The grant will be awarded at the SNIS 19th Annual Meeting. Please view the following document for all instructions and eligibility criteria.

Joe Niekro Foundation Research Grant

Applications will be received summer 2024. Incomplete applications, applications that do not comply with instructions, and/or those that do not have the appropriate executed signatures will not be reviewed.

We look forward to your participation and thank SNIS Foundation for their continued support and partnership. 

Zahra Hasanpour- Segherlou, M.D. – 2023 Recipient

Karol Budohoski, MD – 2023 Recipient

Ravi Nunna, MD – 2022 Recipient

Alfred See, MD – 2022 Recipient

Amanda Trout, PhD – 2021 Recipient

Youngran Kim, PhD – 2021 Recipient 

Nina Moore, MD, MSE – 2019 Recipient

Eric Sussman, MD – 2019 Recipient

Satoshi Tateshima, MD – 2017 Recipient

Nicolas Khattar, MD – 2019 Recipient

Sameer Ansari, MD – 2017 Recipient

Robert Starke, MD – 2017 Recipient

Christopher Kellner, MD (Co-Investigator- Maximilian Bazil) – 2016 Recipient

Alim Mitha, MD – 2016 Recipient

Cameron McDougall, MD – 2016 Recipient

Matt Alexander, MD – 2015 Recipient

Jeremy Heit, MD – 2015 Recipient

Lissa Peeling, MD – 2014 Recipient

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