Yet Another Precious Life Lost

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My heart is very sad today as I learned of yet another precious life lost to a cerebral hemorrhage.  This past week, the world lost two incredibly talented stars, Gary Coleman and Rue McClanahan, and both to the sudden and silent killers we know as brain hemorrhages.  With statistics on the rise of those stricken with subarachnoid hemorrhages, we have to wonder if the medical research companies are aware of how often these instances are happening.  In just the past 6 weeks, we know of three very well known Hollywood stars, all suffering severe brain hemorrhages.  Our first case; Bret Michaels, who’s will to live and recovery has surprised us all.  Today, Bret is back on tour, in great spirits and working hard at recovering full function.  Bret is definitely one of the lucky ones, Gary and Rue were not so fortunate.  Their lives taken drastically, without warning and without time.  My heart goes out to their families, who I know are grieving very hard of their tragic loss.  What I ask myself is this:  For these two innocent victims we have heard about this past week – how many were there that we didn’t?  How many other innocent men and women fell victim to a hemorrhage or an aneurysm?  1 in 15 people will have an aneurysm, so today we not only pray for those families we hear of through the media frenzy, but we must remember the other loved ones who were taken from this precious world, without a sign and without a warning.  These alarming statistics have to stop, an answer has to be found – an answer WILL be found…The Joe Niekro Foundation will see to it!

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