Support is a vital part of recovery and many of America’s hospitals do not offer ongoing support and education after a patient is dismissed or following aneurysm/AVM/SAH discovery. This means that thousands of individuals are left with unanswered questions, no support, guidance or continued care outside of the basics allowed through their insurance. It is our goal to bridge the gap and encourage collaboration, resulting in a more comprehensive support program for survivors and their families. Survivors turn to others with similar issues in attempt to deal with their feelings and our groups allow for this to happen.

TJNF Support Groups provide many and varied benefits, including mutual support, understanding and acceptance, a sounding board, non-judgmental listening, an information source, validation of feelings, role modeling and much more. Our groups offer a safe haven for patients, families, friends and caretakers to be among others in similar situations where they can share their fears, challenges, successes and failures in an atmosphere where they are loved and accepted by all. A few highlights of our support group program include:

*Monthly meetings with a featured guest speaker

*Attendance by physicians and other healthcare professionals, discussing brain aneurysm topics

*Open question/answer sessions

*Participant/family-caregiver breakout groups so that they can privately share stories and challenges

*24 hour one-on-one patient advocacy

Our meetings address issues such as depression, social reintegration, coping with disabilities, nutritional brainpower, exercising your brain and much more. TJNF empowers members by offering information and emotional support, which is monumental in promoting good health and an improved quality of life. The Joe Niekro support groups can play a vital role for both survivor and family members by providing emotional and moral support. Members of support groups receive help by learning new coping strategies, relating personal experiences, obtaining information from health professionals and establishing social networks. TJNF Support groups help others realize that recovery is possible and designed to motivate attendees to follow wellness plans and make a difference in the community while creating a forum of mutual acceptance, understanding and self –discovery.

For more information about our support groups, contact [email protected].



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For online support, please visit these groups, sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

The Brain Aneurysm/AVM Support Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/aneurysmavm/

Parents of Brain Aneurysm/AVM Children Support Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParentsBAAVM/

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