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In support of Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month (September), The Joe Niekro Foundation wants you to do the chicken dance.

For the past three weeks, brave survivors of brain aneurysms/AVM and hemorrhagic strokes have represented The Joe Niekro Foundation by bringing further awareness to the importance of early detection and “Getting Scanned” through a campaign called “Don’t be a Chicken.” The campaign’s mascot, “Chuck the Chicken” has made his way across social media, resulting in thousands of Facebook profile pictures uploads. Don’t be a Chicken was designed to increase awareness of these devastating conditions by asking survivors, caregivers, friends and families to share their stories in attempt to educate the public on the warning signs and risk factors of a brain aneurysm and what to do if you experience “the worst headache of your life.”  Courageous survivors and family members have shared their stories on the RUChickenJNF You Tube Channel.

The final phase of the campaign will begin on September 23rd, 2014 when individuals will be encouraged to do their version of the popular “Chicken Dance,” post it across social media and then challenge someone else to participate.  You don’t dance…you donate…it’s that easy!!!  General Donations, Gifts in Memory or Gifts in Honor may be made in support of the program, so put on those dancin’ shoes and show us what you’ve got!

Funds raised will go toward brain aneurysm/AVM and stroke research and awareness and the Foundation’s Patient Advocacy Program.

The Joe Niekro Foundation was founded by Natalie Niekro, daughter of the late knuckleball pitcher Joe Niekro, who lost his life to a brain aneurysm in October 2006.  The foundation is committed to supporting patients and aiding in the research, treatment and awareness of Brain Aneurysms, AVMs and Hemorrhagic Strokes. The goal of the JNF is to raise awareness about the risk factors, causes and treatments of these conditions, while helping support the advancement of neurological research.  They provide public education and advocacy, support for patients and families, and develop awareness programs and educational materials for hospitals, clinics and other institutions nationwide.

It is estimated that 6 million people in the US have a brain aneurysm (1 in 50 people).  Every eight minutes an aneurysm ruptures; killing 50% of those victims within minutes. Of the remaining half, 50% will suffer a delayed death and those remaining will usually suffer severe brain deficits.

One in every 200-500 people has a brain AVM; a dangerous, complex tangle of abnormal arteries and veins. Often the AVM ruptures and bleeds, causing severe brain deficits and sometimes death. The peak age for AVM hemorrhage is the late teens (age 15-20), but an AVM can rupture at any age.

Hemorrhagic strokes make up about 15% of all strokes, resulting in nearly one quarter of all deaths caused by or related to strokes.  Approximately 10-15% of people who have this type of stroke will die before reaching the hospital.

“It’s important that we bring awareness to these silent killers and educate the public on the warning signs and risk factors associated with them.  Far too many innocent lives are taken each year as a result of one of these conditions and we are here to help educate others before its too late,” says JNF Founder, Natalie Niekro.

Follow the results at #RUchicken and #JNF or visit www.joeniekrofoundation.org.

For more information on The Joe Niekro Foundation, contact Natalie Niekro – [email protected].  

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