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This past Wednesday was our 2nd Aneurysm Support Group Meeting and I must admit that this group is becoming like family to me.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to talk about my feelings until I got around others who were feeling the same thing.  My excitement for what the foundation is doing grows every second I spend time talking to one of the group’s members who have opened their heart and story of survival to me.  To see how far these people have come and the approach they have on life, since their’s was given a second chance, is one of true inspiration.  Robin, who happened to hear about our support group while watching the news, has come full circle since her aneurysm just three years ago.  Her aneurysm left her speechless, paralyzed and almost brain dead.  After months and months of rehabilitation, Robin has learned to speak, read, write and is even exercising daily.  It was her will to live and perserverance that paved the wave for her fight to live.   Then there’s Alma, a quiet and soft-spoken professional who experienced her rupture almost 20 years ago.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I found out not only is Alma an aneurysm survivor, but a lung cancer survivor as well…talk about a fighter.  Chris, the big baseball fan, who can rattle off any RBI, ERA or OBP stat since the 70’s, suffered a dramatic aneurysm that left him with coils throughout his brain.  Today he still lives in fear that at anytime, the feelings he experienced the day of his rupture could return, and only this time, he may not be as lucky.  So Chris lives everyday as if it were his last, giving, sharing and thankful for his second chance at life. And we can’t forget the strong New Yorker, Marsha, who is responsible for helping put our group together.  Talk about an iron will – Marsha doesn’t let anything get her down.  She strong, determined and has a huge heart that she now just wants to share with the world.  Our youngest survivor, Lisa had her aneurysm when she was just 24 yrs old and is a walking testimony that an aneurysm can strike at any age.  This group, yet still small, has become my family and I look forward to all we will share together.  As our group grows, and it will…this group will look back with our heads held high and our warrior spirits lifted knowing that we made it!  We survived and we will live on, becoming the strongholds that will help others we meet on this journey.   

To find out more about upcoming meetings and locations, contact [email protected].

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