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Ever heard of the SNOBALL EFFECT??? The Joe Niekro Foundation has partnered with Snoball, a free platform that allows users to give to whom they want and how they want. Those who join a Snoball can quickly and easily share them across their personal social networks, encouraging friends and families to participate. The idea is that you can start your own Snoball or join another like-minded person’s Snoball along the way. You can make one-time donations, recurring donations, and even donations based on personal goals such as mowing the lawn or being nice to your brother. The possibilities are endless, and Snoball will help you follow through by sending you an email at the appropriate interval. The specific event, donation amount and time interval are defined by the user.

Once a Snoball is defined and enabled, the platform’s underlying patented technology takes care of the rest, trig-gering the specified donation at the pre-defined intervals for the life of the Snoball. This can ultimately transform a one dollar donation into millions.

To get things started, we’ve created a Snoball for each team that Joe Niekro played for during his 22 year MLB career. When any of the below teams win, every participant in that Snoball is helping raise $1 to the foundation. So the more members in a snoball, the more money raised each time that occurrence takes place! It’s Easy and It’s Fun, so join us as we create the biggest SNOBALL in history…all while helping raise money to support brain aneurysm research, treatment and education.

Join the Chicago Cubs Snoball

Join the San Diego Padres Snoball

Join the Detroit Tigers Snoball

Join the Atlanta Braves Snoball

Join the Houston Astros Snoball

Join the New York Yankees Snoball

Join the Minnesota Twins Snoball

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