Sharing a Common Thread

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I just returned from our first Aneurysm Support Group Meeting and am so moved by the discussions that took place.  Survivors, as well as those that have lost loved ones to an aneurysm came together to share their stories and support one another.  We had five survivors share the most incredible stories of their recoveries and the life that lies ahead.  I was truly inspired to see these strong men and women discuss their fight for life.  As we all shared our heartaches, pain and struggles, we realized that our commonalities have brought us together to be the strength for others.  As we continue to fight these enemies we call aneurysms, we know that our strength and willingness to bring awareness to this cause is what is making the difference.  Each person’s challenges were very different, but our hearts were all the same – stricken with grief, sadness and hope.  Hope that the statistic of 40,000 people who are losing their lives each year as a result of an aneurysm, will decrease significantly as we continue to research for detection methods and the funding needed for the advancement of early diagnosis. 

I am so thankful for this group that came together tonight and know that our lives are very similar, our struggles all too common, yet our paths for the future are all headed in the same direction – the direction of LIFE, HAPPINESS and HOPE.

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