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The application should be formatted in Microsoft Word and emailed to [email protected].


To fund studies that directly correlate with our mission of supporting brain aneurysm, AVM and/or hemorrhagic stroke research and treatment. The Joe Niekro Foundation invites applications for basic scientific research directed at early detection, improved treatment modalities and technological advances that will ultimately improve outcomes for patients with brain aneurysms. Any project with the potential to advance basic scientific and translational brain aneurysm, AVM and/or hemorrhagic stroke research will be considered. Clinical projects will not be funded.

Please include the following information at the top of your request:

Requesting Organization:

Project Title:

Principal Investigator:

Request Amount:

Please include all requested information in one document limited to 10 pages total.

I. Abstract of Proposal

Provide a brief abstract of the proposed project. The abstract should state the long-term goals of the research, potential clinical significance of the research, and the methods to be used to conduct the research. It should not exceed three pages in length.

II. Key Personnel

Provide a biographical outline of the qualifications of key personnel. Curriculum vitae may be substituted if current and comprehensive. Contact information should be included.

III. Research Plan

A.) Specific aims and expected outcomes
State concisely the goals of the proposed research and summarize the expected outcomes.

B.) Background and preliminary studies
Identify existing knowledge and how the project will supplement that knowledge without duplication. Explain the significance of the project’s potential impact. Discuss any preliminary studies.

C.) Detailed outline and discussion of specific procedures and methodology
Detail the research design, procedures to be employed, analyses to be used, including a description of the manner in which the data will be collected, analyzed and interpreted. Include a discussion of the roles of key personnel.

D.) Available facilities
Describe equipment, resources and facilities available for the project.

E.) Collaborative arrangements if any

F.) Timeline of events
Outline a sequence of events for the project, including anticipated timeframes.

IV. Budget

Provide the project’s comprehensive budget. Include information on equipment, materials and salary support if any. Detail how monetary obligations not fulfilled by this grant will be met.

V. Progress Reports

Grant recipients must submit an interim progress report six months after beginning the project and a final report within one month of project completion. Failure to provide the required progress reports may have a negative impact on future grant applications.

The interim report must include:

A.) A description of progress relative to original research objectives

B.) A list of resulting publications if any. Include abstracts as well as related oral presentations

C.) Any problems and/or delays encountered

D.) An overview of expenditures made to date

E.) A summary of results

The final report must include:

A.) A description of progress relative to original research objectives, and details regarding any deviation from those objectives

B.) A summary of results

C.) A statement as to whether the results of the research will be published or used as preliminary data to obtain further research funding.

VI. Acknowledgement

All posters, publications, press releases and oral presentations of JNF-funded projects must contain appropriate acknowledgment of the Foundation’s support.

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