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Having learned of Bret Michaels’ brain hemmorhage which occurred less than two weeks ago, I have been actively reading up on his condition and praying for him and his family.  As I mention often, I am contacted regularly by people having lost a friend or family member to this tragic condition and due to Bret’s public image, this has raised a huge level of awareness of aneurysm research, treatment and education.  When I first heard of Mr. Michaels’ condition, it took me back to the day in which I found out about my father and I immediately thought of his children and what must be going on in their minds.  The vast media rumors were stating in most cases, the worst, for Mr. Michaels and it wasn’t until just recently that we are hearing of his incredible will to live and road to recovery.  This brings such joy to my heart – to know that he is winning this fight and in doing so, truly touching the lives of thousands.  The Joe Niekro Foundation sends our best to all the fighters out there – together we WILL win this fight!  

Bret Michaels is on the road to recovery after suffering a brain hemmorhage
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