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“ A support group can be life saving for a patient and family during their critical recovery period. I have been amazed by the commitment, the diligence and camaraderie of their members. I have been deeply impressed by the benefit my patients and their families have received by interacting with others who have survived the same ordeal. I salute the organizers of The Joe Niekro Foundation™ for all the good that they do, and am deeply grateful for the benefit my patients have received because of their efforts.”

Dr. Robert F. Spetzler
Director Emeritus, Barrow Neurological Institute
Chairman Emeritus and President, Barrow Neurosurgical Associates
Professor of Surgery, Section of Neurosurgery, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ

Why Become Part of A Support Group

Social support is exceptionally important in the recovery process and social isolation is considered to be a risk factor for a poor outcome after having a Brain Aneurysm/AVM/Hemorrhagic Stroke. Most hospitals do not offer patients and families ongoing support and rehabilitation for these conditions post discharge. It is our goal to bridge the gap and encourage collaboration, resulting in a more comprehensive support program for survivors and their families.

Our meetings address issues such as depression, social reintegration, coping with disabilities, nutritional brainpower, exercising your brain and much more.  JNF empowers members by offering information and emotional support, which is monumental in promoting good health and an improved quality of life. The Joe Niekro Support Groups can play a vital role for both survivor and family members by providing emotional and moral support. Members of support groups receive help by learning new coping strategies, relating personal experiences, obtaining information from health professionals and establishing social networks. JNF Support Groups help others realize that recovery is possible and designed to motivate attendees to follow wellness plans and make a difference in the community while creating a forum of mutual acceptance, understanding and self – discovery.

When you meet with others who have endured the same struggle or have suffered the same health conditions, you’re encouraged. You discover your issues are not unique. Other people understand exactly what you’re going through. You’re one of a group, rather than one of a kind.

Most groups are currently meeting virtually. Please contact your local support group to gain access to the Zoom login and meeting codes.

If a Brain Aneurysm/AVM/Hemorrhagic Stroke support group does not exist in your area and you are interested in starting one, please contact: Elizabeth at [email protected].

JNF Support Group Locations

Nationwide Virtual Support Groups





District of Columbia










New Jersey

New York

North Carolina



Rhode Island

South Carolina





West Virginia


JNF Online Support Groups

Brain Aneurysm/AVM Support Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

Parents of Brain Aneurysm/AVM Children Support Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

Young Adult Brain Aneurysm/AVM Survivors Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

Brain Aneurysm/AVM Caregiver Support Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

Brain Aneurysm/AVM Honoring the Taken Support Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro Foundation

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