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The development of aneurysm research has expanded.  The FDA has recently approved a liquid material called Onyx 500 that will join clipping and coiling as the methods of treating aneurysms.   This procedure is less invasive than the traditional open skull surgery or platinum coils, and  involves threading a catheter through the patient’s groin area and blood vessels and up to the brain.  Then Onyx HD 500 liquid is then administered to the aneurysm, instead of the traditional coiling method.

When the Onyx 500 liquid makes contact with blood inside the bulging aneurysm, it becomes a firm pudding-like substance and works like concrete to stabilize the aneurysm and prevent more blood from entering and causing it to rupture. It is most effective with irregularly-shaped intracranial aneurysms where open surgery or coiling alone wouldn’t be able to do the trick.

In 20 percent of patients whose brain aneurysms are treated with coils, the surgery must be redone because the coils shift and blood re-enters the bulge.  This new treatment method certainly offers neurosurgeons an alternative when it comes to treating aneurysms, and is certainly less invasive for the patient. 

This just shows that the funding of aneurysm research is vital and great things are being done when you help the cause.  Thank you for being part of the fight with me.

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