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What a great meeting we had tonight, including a few newcomers.  It was so great to see the new faces and hear their tramatic stories of survival of our enemy, a brain aneurysm.  The support that each person brings to the other is truly amazing and I am so thankful that we all have this outlet to be vulnerable in sharing our emotions, thoughts, fears and feelings.  Its truly a testimony to watch others react to one another, offering their love, compassion and support.  As our group continues to expand and we all continue to hear new stories, the is no doubt that the bond we all share we never be broken.  I had to share my second family with all of you – so here they are…sporting our new t-shirts and national initiative that will be hitting the streets everywhere.  Wanna Get Lucky?  is the theme which appears on the front and Get Scanned on the back, with The Joe Niekro Foundation website and tagline.  Catchy and rememberable – if you are looking to sport a cool new shirt, this is the one to get.

So tonight, tomorrow and forever – here I share my 2nd Family with all of you!

The Joe Niekro Foundation Brain Aneurysm Support Group meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month and has brought victims, survivors, families and friends together to share their stories
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