Joe Niekro’s Knuckleball Lives On

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I just got done watching E60 on ESPN, not a show I typically tune into, but tonight’s story had a special meaning.  Tonight, featured a story on Dad and how his knuckleball teaching has carried on through the years, making Chelsea Baker one of the best little league pitchers in the country.  Chelsea, now 13, played little league with my half brother, JJ where Dad volunteered as coach.  Day in and day out, Chelsea would beg my Dad to teach her how to throw the knuckleball and when Dad knew she was serious…and ready…he taught her the pitch that she now ballfes batters with every time she takes the mound.  Chelsea hasn’t lost a game in four years and has perfected the knuckleball exactly how Joe Niekro taught her to.  As I cried through the entire story, I also had a huge smile on my face because I know that Dad is looking down on Chelsea and so proud of what she has accomplished.  So, you see, Dad isn’t just a hero in my eyes….he’s a hero in SO many others too.  Enjoy this touching story!

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