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The Joe Niekro Foundation is proud to announce the winner of the 1st Joe Niekro Research Grant, Lissa Peeling.  Lissa’s study, Assessment of a novel in vitro approach to evaluate flow dynamics of porcine red blood cells within a side-wall aneurysm model using synchrotron X-ray particle image velocimetry, awarded her a $20,000 grant which was presented at the 5th Annual Knuckle Ball Gala, September 20th in Houston, TX.

Lissa Peeling was born and raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with an undergraduate degree in Physiology in May 2000. In May 2004 she completed her Medical Degree and later also completed a residency in Neurosurgery, both at the University of Saskatchewan. She went on to complete a fellowship at Stony Brook University Medical Centre, in Endovascular and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery. In July 2013, she returned to the University of Saskatchewan with an Adjunct appointment where she currently works as one of only two endovascular neurosurgeons. Through the Saskatchewan Cerebrovascular Centre, she has been focusing her research on the understanding of aneurysmal blood flow using Synchrotron technology, and participating as an investigator in numerous clinical trials.

The Joe Niekro Research Grant is the result of a $10,000 grant which was matched by SNIS Foundation, creating a $20,000 grant for research projects targeting aneurysm, AVM or ischemic stroke research.  This grant will enable investigators (MDs, DOs or MD-PhDs) to conduct pilot projects that address a specific hypothesis and generate preliminary data in preparation for major grant applications to corporations, foundations and governmental agencies.

We are honored to award Ms. Peeling with the 1st Annual Joe Niekro Research Grant and look forward to a follow up on her study results.  Congratulations Lissa!

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