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Please join us in welcoming our two newest Patient Advocates, Tammy Curmano and Linda Legner-Romano.  We are excited to have you on board and thank you for your continued commitment to The Joe Niekro Foundation and our mission.

TamTammymy is a 5-year brain aneurysm survivor and extremely passionate about patient support and advocacy.  Tammy states, “I know that we make a difference in the lives of so many that feel alone.  The most important thing is having a positive, inspirational place to come for answers.  The team is here for us all, to help us through our challenges and celebrate all of our milestones!  I wish I would have known this group when I needed it the most, but now I am a part of the most compassionate and supportive team, and am extremely grateful.”  Tammy – we are so thankful for you!

On June 25, 2013, Linda Legner-Romano underwent the Pipeline procedure to treat her four brain Lindaaneuryms and today is focused on providing support to other brain aneurysm/AVM survivors and families.  A very important goal for Linda is to work together with other survivors of brain aneuryms and avms and their family members to provide the support she understands first hand is so critical. Linda will be facilitating our new Chicago Support Group at Rush University Medical Center which begins this coming Thursday, August 21st.  “We as a group of survivors can unite to support one another. Together we can understand the uniqueness of our situation and wrap our arms around each other in comfort to know we are not alone,” states Linda.

Tammy and Linda – Welcome to the JNF Family!


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