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Booth2The Joe Niekro Foundation’s participation in last week’s 11th Annual Meeting for Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS) proved to be a huge success.  The Joe Niekro Foundation was invited to attend this five day conference which gave them the opportunity to speak to hundreds of neurosurgeons, neurointerventionalists, neuroradiologists, neuro nurses and all the major medical device companies.

Founder of The Joe Niekro Foundation, Natalie Niekro and Patient Advocacy Director, Kimberly Chapman, delivered a speech on Wednesday, July 30th to a large group of neuro nurses and staff.  They discussed the importance of Patient Advocacy and the critical need to deliver ongoing support to brain aneurysm, AVM and Hemorrhagic Stroke patients and family members.  Their speech was incredibly well received and has resulted in a large number of new support groups that the foundation will be implementing over the next few months.

“We were honored to speak to such an acclaimed group and look forward to the new partnerships we have secured as a result.  Our Natalie-Kim-Barryrelationship with SNIS has been instrumental in our growth and we are so thankful for the opportunity they have allowed us in reaching their members and discussing such an important topic of the recovery process,” states JNF Founder Natalie Niekro.

DeborahThis year’s keynote speaker was Deborah Duncan, a TV personality and aneurysm survivor from Houston, and a strong supporter of The Joe Niekro Foundation.  Deborah shared her experiences and thoughts last Tuesday morning to a large group of doctors, nurses, medical device representative and staff.  “The group was awed by Deborah’s delivery and we are so thankful to have established such a great relationship with such an inspiring and motivational woman,” Natalie shared.

Following Natalie and Kim’s speech on Wednesday, The Joe Niekro Foundation hosted a support group for anyone interested in attending.  The meeting was the kick-off for a new Colorado Springs Support Group that the foundation will be starting this fall.  Not only did the foundation see a great turnout of survivors and family members, but several doctors, nurses and device reps were also present.CO Spring Support Meeting

Natalie stated, “This was groundbreaking for us as a foundation – having such a large presence from the medical community opened their eyes to the importance of Patient Advocacy and the need for additional groups across the country.  We saw the excitement in their eyes and felt compassion in their heart as we witnessed these professionals see “the other side” of recovery.”

“We are so thankful for everyone that stopped by our booth, listened to us speak and supported our efforts this past week and look forward to new and exciting partnerships as a result.  Thank you SNIS for this amazing opportunity and for making us feel like a part of your family.”


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