The Joe Niekro Foundation recently awarded three research grants. The first; a $10,000 research grant has been given to Dr. David Miller of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  This grant will help fund Dr. Miller’s current study “Next Generation Sequencing of a Whole Human Genome.” The goal of this study is to identify the genes underlying the risk of intracranial aneurysm.  Dr. Miller specializes in Endovascular treatment (minimally invasive surgical treatment through the vessels) of cerebral aneurysms, Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), carotid and vertebral artery stenosis, and other vascular problems associated with the head and neck. Also specializes in minimally invasive treatment for spinal fractures and other diseases of the spine. “We are thrilled to be able to support a study that could be instrumental in aneurysm detection in the future and look forward to the outcome,” states foundation president, Natalie Niekro.

The second grant of $10,000 goes to The Houston Methodist Neurological Institute, Department of Neurosurgery for the project: Microcirculation and Brain Injury Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. The study, led by Dr. Gavin Britz will explore whether subarachnoid blood released by the penetration of the Willis circle artery penetrates paravascular space in the hippocampus (small region of the brain that forms part of the limbic system and is primarily associated with memory and spatial  navigation) and modify neurovascular coupling and astrocyte-induced responses.  “We are very excited to help support Dr. Britz’ study in this critical area of research,” states foundation Executive Director, Melissa Herklotz.

The third grant goes to The Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery Foundation (SNIS) in the amount of $10,000.  In honor of Joe Niekro, SNIS has named this grant The Joe Niekro Research Grant.  Each year, one research study will be selected as the grant recipient, which will help fund endovascular research of brain aneurysms, AVM’s and/or hemorrhagic stroke.   “The foundation has had a great partnership with SNIS and the SNIS Foundation for many years and we are honored to award this grant to such a phenomenal organization that is making huge headway in the area of endovascular research.  It is with great pleasure that SNIS Foundation is the recipient of these funds and we look forward to our strong continuing partnership for many years to come,” states Natalie Niekro.

The Joe Niekro Foundation is so excited to support these research projects and looks forward to sharing these results with you in the future.

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