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I remember writing a poem for my Dad when I was seven years old called “It Happens Every Spring.”  It was about the how much I was going to miss him come March because I knew that was the time of year when he would be leaving for Spring Training.  It was the start of the baseball season and the start of his seven month long time on the road.  Seven months seemed like eternity to me then and I would anxiously await the times when he would fly home on those few and far between off-days.  Knowing he would likely only get to spend 16 hours (at the most) with our family, he would still make the trip across country to tuck my brother and I into bed or cook us breakfast when we woke up.  I treasure those days and never had imagined those precious times would be some of my greatest memories.

Today marks seven years since I lost my father to a brain aneurysm  and I would give anything to have him back, even just for one moment.  Little did I know that the seven months we would go without being with Dad was nothing compared to a lifetime of him gone forever.  My vision of him on this day seven years ago is as clear as yesterday and I was just waiting for him to hop out of that hospital bed, pull the tubes off himself and say “Lets get out of here.”  But that moment never came.  Instead we watched as the doctors pulled the tubes from him, turned off the machines that were keeping his lifeless body breathing and saw him peacefully leave this world.

I thank God everyday for the time that I had with my father – for the laughs, the tears, the good times and even the bad – because every one of those moments are ones I will treasure for ever.  They were times that I was able to share with one of the greatest human beings I had ever met and a man that is now by guardian angel.  I love you Dad and miss you every day!

Here is the poem that I wrote for him when I was 7 – hope you enjoy it.


Spring Training is here and baseball is starting,

which means that my Dad and I will be parting.

His baseball career is his dream-come-true

But the time we’re apart makes me so sad and blue.

Though Winter’s a memory and flowers now bloom,

I find that my heart is filled with some gloom.

While others are planning their parties and things

I only can think of what Spring to me brings.

Our time together was great but now it must end

For the Astros have called on my very best friend.

Dad’s a wonderful pitcher…three strikes and you’re out

I sit by the television and cheer and shout.

He loves his job and I’m thankful for that

Though my heart skips a beat with every crack of the bat.

So once again I’ll adjust to being without him,

Although every second I’ll be thinking about him.


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