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This beautiful letter was written by a member of our Brain Aneurysm Support Group and is also a dear friend of mine.  Robin was one of the first members of our group and has become one of the biggest advocates for The Joe Niekro Foundation I know.  With her permission, I am sharing this letter she wrote to current Vice President of the United States, and two time aneurysm survivor, Mr. Joe Biden.  This letter signifies not only Robin’s passion to share her story and help others, but also to create the awareness throughout our governmental system, that the funding for aneurysm research, treatment and support is vital. 

Dear Mr. Vice President Biden:

I am writing you as a fellow brain aneurism survivor. I have read with interest about your brain aneurism recovery and am greatly interested in what course you took to become rehabilitated so well and so completely. Although I have made great strides in my own rehabilitation, I still struggle enough to wonder what else I can be doing to make an even more complete recovery. I am hoping you can help me with this information.
In December of 2007, I suffered a burst  brain aneurism and was air evacuated to Barrow’s Neurological Institute in Phoenix. I spent a month in a coma and then another month in intensive treatment and rehab at that same hospital. Doctors considered it miraculous that I even survived and were amazed at my level of rehabilitation even by the time I was sent home. I have worked with specialists and teachers to regain my skills and now lead a normal life. However, when I see your total recovery, I have hope that there is more I can do to increase my skills and recovery. I realize that each case is different. I also believe that we can continue to improve and that sharing successful strategies is useful to us all.
As part of my rehabilitation, I have become involved with The Joe Niekro Foundation Brain Aneurysm Support Group. It has been a huge help to me. It is through this experience that I found my new purpose in life of helping raise funds for other people who have suffered a brain aneurism.
So, my purpose in writing is twofold. I am eager to learn what kind of program helped you gain back 100% of your skills. Any information or resources you can share would be greatly appreciated and I can share them with my support group as well.
Also, I would love to have your support of The Joe Niekro Foundation that raises funds for victims of brain aneurisms. Please note that March 14 through March 20 is Brain Aneurism Awareness Week.
I have great respect for you and very much appreciate your attention on this matter.

Robin Beck


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