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Why is it that Thanksgiving is the day we are reminded to give thanks? Shouldn’t we be giving thanks everyday? Looking back on an amazing 2014, I’m eternally grateful for all of you and for the success of this foundation. We’ve come a long way since this time last year, with no plans to slow down. Our online support group is a haven of survivors, caregivers and family members who trust us with their deepest feelings, share their unbelievable courage and offer nothing but love and friendship for every member. With over 3000 members now actively involved in this loving family, I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who help keep it going strong and growing everyday.

To our admins, you are amazing! The countless hours you volunteer and offer your guidance is truly a gift and we are all so grateful to you for your selfless love.

To the amazing Board of Directors, thank you for your time, commitment and belief in our cause. Your knowledge and determination for us to fulfill our goals keeps us all going in the right direction and helps pave the way for our future.

Medical Advisory Board, you are amazing!  Your knowledge and support of our cause is instrumental and we are so grateful for the time you invest into this organization each and every day!

For our donors, it’s because of you that we can keep driving home our mission and making a difference. Without you, there would be no foundation and we are forever grateful for your continued support.

And for our supporters, thank you for standing by us and helping share JNF with others. Word of mouth is crucial to the continued outreach of this foundation, so please keep up the great work of awareness!

Again, I thank you all for your efforts and completely appreciate your role in this organization. My dream of establishing a foundation that would support patients and families and fund research for brain aneurysms, AVMs and strokes has come true! We are touching the lives of thousands every day and continuing to offer an outlet for those in need. Thank you for being a part of the JNF family.

May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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