Charging from the Sidelines while Battling Back from an Aneurysm

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Everyday I seem to be hit from a different direction to hear of yet another innocent victim fallen prey to these sudden killers we call aneurysms.  Just yesterday, my dear friend, Jonathan Mayo, who writes for MLB and helps greatly with the foundation sent me an article of a young woman who that just a few months ago experienced a ruptured brain aneurysm.  Amber Gray, a sophomore forward for the University of Tennessee was recovering from a routine shoulder surgery when her lungs filled with fluid and she suffered a stroke, that ultimately led to a brain aneurysm.  This young, vivacious teen had no clue that this ticking time bomb in her head could have prevented her from waking up the next morning.  Fortunately, the aneurysm was treated quickly and effectively and Amber cheer her team on from the sidelines this season as she continues to recover.  Gray hopes to be part of the Volunteers winning team in the future, but for now her recovery come first. 

Amber, charge forward and God bless you and your continued recovery.  May you be the voice and inspiration for others.

Amber cheers on her teammates during practice
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