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The Joe Niekro Foundation is proud to launch The Batter Up Campaign, which aims to shed light on Stroke Awareness Month (May), Brain Aneurysm Month (September) and AVM Awareness Month (October).

During each of these months we will be highlighting survivors, recognizing caregivers and paying tribute to those who have lost their battles.  We will provide news and updates on our National Patient Support Group Programs as well as our tireless efforts to increase our Presence in Hospitals and Medical Facilities in 2017.

At JNF, we take pride in our patient focused advocacy and support.  We feel that it is imperative to help people affected by brain aneurysms, hemorrhagic strokes and AVMs so they understand what it is that they are dealing with, physically and emotionally.  We take pride in our support services that offer assistance not just at the initial diagnosis, but long into post-recovery.

Learn more about Batter Up For StrokeBatter Up For Brain Anuerysms and Batter Up For AVMs.

Join us in 2017!

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