A Very Special Man was Born on this Day in 1944

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Joe Niekro - 1967

Today marks what would be my Dad’s 65th birthday.  On this day in 1944, my hero was born and now leaves a legacy effecting the lives of thousands.  God was definitely looking out for me the day he brought me into this world, to the two most incredible parents on the planet.  I thank Him everyday for giving me such loving, warm and giving parents.  Although today is a sad day since Dad is not here for me to share in his special day, it is a day that I realize how truly lucky I am to have known this incredible man that I have the privilege to call my father.  And tonight, as I will be speaking to thousands on Brain Aneurysm Awareness Week at the Rising Stars Game for the AZ Fall League, I am honored to give Dad the most precious birthday gift of all…a tribute to him!  Tonight, we will witness how Dad’s life touched others then and still today, as a check for $13975 is given to The Joe Niekro Foundation as a result of last week’s strike-outs from all AZ Fall League Pitchers wearing one of the seven uniforms Dad did during his career.  Not only did the four sponsors step up to the plate with their $36 per strike-out contribution, but every one of the seven teams will be doing the same thing…a true tribute a man that influenced people’s lives every single day.   For those that knew Dad, I guarantee they will all agree, that they became a better person by having him in their life.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have someone tell me how wonderful my father was.  So, today, we celebrate and honor a man that gave so many people so many beautiful memories, and me, a life I am so thankful to have.  I love you Dad!

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