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I receive hundreds of comments every week on the foundation website,, and as I hear about the number of people effected by aneurysms, I become more astonished at the lack of research being done within this area. Just yesterday I received a message from a young woman who had just lost her 33 year old brother. Not only is her family completely devastated, but confused on why him, what caused the aneurysm and why it wasn’t detected sooner? These are all the questions that I ask everyday and why I am committed to finding a detection method to alert others of these tragic killers we call aneurysms. Life is precious and can be taken at any moment, so treasure each and every day, and never stop to give thanks! My motto – “Life each day creating the legacy you want others to remember you by.” If I can do to this and make every second count, my mission is accomplished. God bless!

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